Kiedy publikować posty na Instagramie

When to publish posts on Instagram?


Crowd psychology and Instagram

Instagram is a platform bringing together various social groups around photography – usually amateur. Like any social media community, Instagram is dependent on users – the crowd and its dynamics. Users shape the platform and set directions for development along with the current market trends. That’s why, before answering the question of when or at what times to post photos on Instagram, you should understand the average user of this social networking platform.

Instagram users – gender

Among Instagram users, women are in the lead, accounting for nearly 65% of users. The men’s share is only 35%… Bringing it to a simple example and rounding up – 7/10 Instagram users are women!

Instagram users – age

Young people are the largest group of Instagram users. Nearly 70% of Instagram users are under 35 years old! Check below the age structure of Instagram users:

– up to 24 years old: 35%
– 25-34 years: 34%
– 35-44 years: 17%
– 45-54 years: 9%
– over 55 years old: 5%

What time to post on Instagram?

When choosing the time to publish your posts, it’s good to check how statistically your audience behaves. Analyze when exactly the user you want to reach with your photo is active. If you target your content, for example, to Polish users living in Great Britain, don’t forget about the time difference. Adjust the publication of posts to the time zone appropriate for the audience. The time of posts publication is a very individual matter, but in 90% of cases the following rule applies: 1 post when travelling to work (08:00 to 09:59), 2 post when returning from work (16:00 to 17:59).

When we are aiming with our content in, for example, mothers raising children, it is necessary to find out at what times of the day they have time “only for themselves” – it may be the time of a toddler’s afternoon nap or a bedtime.

Another example: people focused on fitness usually start their days earlier than the average Instagram user, so it is worth considering publishing the morning photo around 06:00 – 08:00.


Choosing the hours to publish a photo on Instagram is not an easy thing to do. The best way is to constantly test the hours of publication of photos and observe the users interest in the published content depending on the time of day. In such observations very helpful may be the squarelovin desktop tool. It is based on the account statistics and it suggests which hours and days of the week are the best for publishing posts.

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