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You’re surely aware how important it is to keep your knowledge concerning profile’s performance up to date. You must also know that the Internet market is developing and changing rapidly. You don’t want to be left behind, do you? Find out the areas we can support you!

We can offer you:

INSPIRING TRAININGS – Would you like to update your knowledge about Instagram and its mechanisms? Check out our training offer and let us keep you and your employees updated - practically, inspiringly and substantively.

CONSTANT ACCOUNT ANALYTICS – Using company’s account on Instagram you find presented information about account’s statistics insufficient and stripped-down? Check out OUR possibilities...

Do you need professional expertise?

Experts at your fingertips!

We are professionals and practitioners standing out with many years of Instagram activities experience. We are happy to share our insights and knowledge with our partners. You can trust us!

Proven solutions and tools

We really know how Instagram works. We are acquainted with modern viable social media business practices and ready to show you what proves right and what doesn’t. We can guarantee you safety and top quality services. Hundreds of campaigns we carried out proves it!

Implementing projects, we use tools allowing us to monitor the activities we run and profiles themselves in a way that wouldn’t be possible for the average Instagram user.

Do you need professional expertise?
Substantive trainings
Substantive trainings

Experienced speakers

Each training is conducted by a specialist with theoretical and practical knowledge. Our trainers have many years of experience acquired while running campaigns for the largest brands and advertisers in Poland.

We adjust communications to the customer
  • We know details are crucial for you so we also put emphasis on them.

  • We use innovation as a way to build the advantage you need.


Why should you trust us?

We provide training and support in Instagram analytics maintaining the highest standards.

We are professional
  • We support our clients with proven solutions.

  • We transfer knowledge in a clear and understandable way.

  • We deliver highly tailored solutions for our customers.

  • Training, analysis and other parts of analytics area are our true passion we are happy to share!

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