How to prepare a description for a photo on Instagram?

How to prepare a description for a photo on Instagram?


A unique photo is both as much and as little as 80-90% of success on Instagram. Instagram is a platform for typical visual people. But what can you do to increase engagement under your posts and encourage your potential audience to interact under your posts on Instagram?

Check below and publish your posts more effectively. Learn the formula for the perfect description under a photo on Instagram!

Basic rules

Photos published on Instagram should feature longer descriptions to encourage users to comment. The description under the photo should contain at least a few sentences. While preparing the description, try to tell something about your day, ideas, plans or interests. Recommend a product to your audience, try to ask a short question… Try to prepare a photo description so that the user can learn something about the person who runs the profile, the published photo or the situation presented in the photo.

Remember that the purpose of the description is to encourage viewers to comment on your photos!

Multilingual post descriptions on Instagram

When preparing a description for a photo on Instagtam, use the languages you know! Prepare a description in your native language and the one you know additionally – it can be English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, etc. If foreign language is a problem, use a translator.

We recommend running your Instagram profile and publishing posts in a bilingual way, so that each post contains a description in your native language (at the top) and a translation e.g. into another language you know (under the native version).

Two language versions will allow you to reach a larger audience. They will also attract the attention of your audience.

Does the length of the description matter?

The description on Instagram can be 2200 characters long – check more information about Instagram’s restrictions and limits.

We recommend not preparing posts that are too long – most internet users will not have the desire and time to read long descriptions. You can deviate from this rule if your recipients like stories and are used to them, and you run your Instagram as a blog.

The description should be of moderate length, so that it does not scare away potential viewers.

Translated with (free version)

Post description structure on Instagram

We recommend preparing descriptions for posts so that they are easy to read for users consuming your content. Avoid mish-mash, unreadable and overly complicated fonts. When preparing a description for a photo on Instagram, follow the principle of simple the best!

We suggest to standardize the form of the post, so its structure looks like this:

Native version


Other version



Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions

What to do about Engagement Rate on Instagram?

Engagament rate on Instagram is the engagement rate of a profile’s audience, which tells us the ratio of comments and likes to followers. The more commenters and likes the better the Engagement Rate.

Czy opis zdjęcia na Instagramie wpływa na Engagement Rate?

Yes, the description is the element which engages the user, so it is worth taking care of its attractive and interesting form for the recipient!

Can you use profile tags in your description on Instagram?

Of course you can! When tagging a profile on Instagram in the description, all you have to do is put @ (monkey) followed by the profile name of the person you want to tag in the description.

Can I use a custom font on Instagram?

Yes, you can, but ask yourself if it makes sense… The description should be readable. If you want to use a custom font, prepare the description in a document that allows you to change the font Notepad, Word) and copy the description into the Instagram app when you publish the photo.

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